Social Media Tips!

This is the first of my brand new blog series. Each post will bring you three Social Media tips to help you make the most of your social media efforts. I also share these tips on Social Media but my blog will feature extra exclusive content.


Social media tip #1

Quality over Quantity – It won’t do you any good to post 10 times a day if you aren’t connected with the right audience, or if your content is repetitive and uninteresting. Take the time to focus on crafting quality content that your followers will enjoy! If you are having trouble thinking of what to post focus on the things you like the most. It is always easiest to create around stuff you enjoy. For me it is my family, cooking, fitness, comedy, gardening etc.


Social media tip #2

Use Multiple Channels – Even though you may be most comfortable with Instagram, Facebook or any single social network, it is a good idea to push your content on multiple platforms. This will not only help you reach a larger portion of your target audience but will also improve search rankings. Also, social media is always changing. For a couple years I was only on Snapchat. My business ( was built around Snapchat so I didn’t focus on Instagram. Turns out Snap lost a lot of popularity in the last year or two and I was behind when I jumped to Instagram. Now I make a point to never put my eggs in one basket and am posting content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Make sure not to take on more than you can handle. Tools like Hootsuite make it a lot easier to manage content across multiple networks.


Social media tip #3

Stay Consistent! -When using social media for business, your content, tone and demeanor should always reflect your brand and the message you want to send your audience. If you are always changing things up or disappear for long periods of time you will never become recognizable. Sticking to a consistent theme or color scheme can help you stand out as well.


Thats all of the tips for now!


Feel free to reach out to me with any feedback, questions or concerns.

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